Love and serve the city in the name of Christ.

“We’ve been on a fascinating journey of loving and serving our city in the name of Jesus Christ. It has grown to include hundreds of churches that have set aside their differences to work together, encourage one another, and pray for each other as we reach out with the Good News in both word and deed. Every step of the way, we learn more about our Lord. He changes us. And He leads more people to Himself.” – Kevin Palau

CityServe is a movement to unite and mobilize churches, businesses, organizations, and city leaders to love and serve their cities. In 2008, the Palau Association partnered with leaders in the faith, civic, and business communities to work for the common good in Portland, Oregon. More than 27,000 volunteers from all sectors of society participated in this very first “Season of Service.” Now, the initiative has become a long-term vision for city transformation. Through collaborative efforts and partnership, other cities followed suit. Houston, San Diego, Sacramento, Little Rock, Phoenix, Seattle, and many other cities now have their own growing movements. 

In 2013, as involvement became more and more ongoing, we changed the name of this initiative from Season of Service to CityServe. Our goal is to help connect churches to the most critical needs in their communities, celebrate what the Body of Christ is accomplishing, and share the love of Jesus in cities around the world.


Portland: What does it look like to proclaim and live out the Good News in one of America’s least churched cities? Six years into an ongoing movement to transform the city of Portland with the love of Christ, pastors and city leaders share what they’ve learned.


Nation: The Luis Palau Association is collaborating with dozens of cities around the US as a “neutral convener” to help unite churches around their own story. At the heart of it all is a model to reach as many people as possible with the love and Good News of Jesus Christ.


NY CityServe: Imagine hundreds of churches and non-profits from across the region coming together to love and serve the New York City metro area in an historic and sustainable way. This is the vision of NY CityServe.