Fun in the Son with Andrew Palau

image: Port-au-Prince heard the Good News Saturday during the Fun in the Son Festival.

UPDATE: Saturday's Fun in the Son Festival was a huge success, with blue skies all day long and an excellent turnout at Champs de Mars. Tens of thousands heard the Good News from Andrew Palau, Haitian and international musicians, and the Action Sports team! More details to follow. View the full impact report

Andrew Palau, the Palau team, and local company Haiti Broilers are collaborating to bring the message of hope in Jesus Christ to Haiti’s capital city through the second annual Fun in the Son Festival March 9-16.

The week-long campaign in Haiti’s capital city will feature service outreaches such as eyeglass and medical clinics and culminate in a free, open-air music festival. Last year, Fun in the Son drew 30,000 people to enjoy action sports demos, live musical performances, a children’s program, and the Gospel message presented with poignancy and clarity.

This year, the festival will move to Champs de Mars, a park at the core of Port-au-Prince. Only last year, Champs de Mars was the site of one of the largest tent cities that housed many of those left homeless by the 7.0 earthquake. Since the summer of 2012, the park has been under redevelopment and is once again the bustling “living room” of the city.

“There is no question, many thousands of people will hear the Gospel through this campaign,” Luis Palau, founder of the Luis Palau Association and Andrew Palau’s father said of Fun in the Son. “It is my prayer that this festival will clearly mark a turning point for Haiti; that those stuck in the pain and frustration of the past would find healing and hope.”

The vision behind Fun in the Son Haiti was born in January 2010. Andrew Palau, Christopher Levy (CEO of Jamaica Broilers Group Limited), and Grammy-winning recording artist TobyMac discussed a shared desire to reach Haiti with the Good News. Over the next two years Palau and Levy developed relationships with Haiti’s church and business leaders.

Their work, including the launch of Haiti Broilers and last year’s Fun in the Son Festival, has made a sustained impact on many throughout the city and nation.

The younger Palau said this year’s evangelistic effort will build upon last year’s successes. “In concert with our Caribbean ministry partners, Haiti Broilers, we expect to see even more hear and respond to the Good News,” he said. “It is a joy to serve our great God together!”

Fun in the Son with Andrew Palau

March 9-16, 2013

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