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01 July 2014

Continente 2011 Press Release

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(Dallas, Texas) With his latest multimedia outreach to the Spanish-speaking world, evangelist Luis Palau underlines the relevance and power of prayer and Scripture in any situation.

Luis Palau and Spanish television network Enlace just completed four days of Night Talk, an hour-long live Q-and-A program. Palau took calls from Spanish-speakers in Latin America, Australia, Europe and the United States and gave them biblical guidance on matters of faith.

Through online streaming, social media, radio and live web components, the program was amplified into a multimedia, saturation evangelism event reaching dozens of nations and millions of people. However, Palau described the vision behind the outreach as simple: "It's just me, a telephone and a Bible."

Although each broadcast hour brought forth issues as complex as abortion, depression, the Occult and false teachings in church, Palau's responses kept to the fundamentals of spiritual wellbeing—salvation, prayer and Scripture.

Among the many callers was a woman from Peru who said she still felt deep pain and remorse over sins she committed before accepting Christ. Palau cited 1 John 1:12, saying "to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God." He then led her through a prayer of redemption.

To another caller from Puerto Rico suffering from depression, Palau quoted the words of Psalm 107, telling her that the Lord could "bring her out of darkness and take away her chains." The woman prayed to receive Christ on the air.

"You could really feel it in the studio," Palau said of the broadcasts. "The intensity of the spiritual battle that goes on...people giving their lives to Christ or learning how to resist Satan and his temptations. It's a very powerful time."

The live event was broadcast on 5,070 TV stations and a score of radio stations worldwide. "Continente is the Spanish word for Continent, but this wasn't just one continent," Palau said. "Enlace Television goes all over the world, wherever there are Spanish-speaking people."

In the wake of the broadcasts, hundreds of partner churches are helping to connect new believers to a church in their area and follow up with each caller.

A veteran in the world of broadcast evangelism, Palau first started counseling people on television in 1965 in Quito, Ecuador, in partnership with HCJB Global Ministries. Since then, he has reached more than 1 billion people through radio, television and other media.

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