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01 July 2014

Paraguay Press Release

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Joining with hundreds of local churches and thousands of followers of Jesus Christ, world evangelists Luis and Andrew Palau hosted an evangelistic campaign in two Paraguayan cities on April 23-28.

After a series of preliminary events across Asunción and a stand-alone festival in Ciudad del Este with Andrew Palau, the campaign came to a head with a two-night, open-air music festival in the heart of the capital city on Friday and Saturday. Tens of thousands of people attended the final event on Saturday evening; with similar attendance numbers on Friday. Response cards indicate that thousands of people made a decision for Jesus Christ during the week's events.

Palau and his team also visited the Paraguayan National Congress' chamber of senators and chamber of deputies at the invitation of Jorge Oviedo Matto, president of the Congress. The visit marked the first time any public figure was allowed to speak while Congress was in session, according to the president's staff.

The festival was broadcast live on two national TV networks and around the world via the Internet. Latin American artists such as Rescate and Alejandro Lerner performed, and well-known soccer players Maxi Biancucchi and Javier Alejandro Villarreal shared how God transformed their lives.

This youthful vibe and billing was no accident. "73 percent of Paraguay's population is under 35. Our youth is writing the story of this country," said Santiago Maldonado, president of Paraguay's National Association of Evangelical Pastors and member of the festival executive committee. "We need to lift them up. They are the protagonists of this campaign."

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