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30 May 2014

TiranaFest with Luis Palau

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Tens of thousands of people heard the Good News in a country still awakening from decades of state-imposed atheism

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TiranaFest with Luis Palau took Albania's capital city by storm with a massive evangelistic festival featuring live music; an extraordinary stunt show by skate, BMX, and motocross athletes; a program just for kids; and clear presentations of the Good News by Luis Palau and partner evangelists.

The event - and its impact - would not have been possible without the unwavering participation and leadership of Tirana's community of believers. Though relatively small in number (approx. 3,500), church leaders and congregants alike boldly reached out to their countrymen.

Lulzim Basha, the mayor of Tirana, appeared at the festival Saturday and offered his welcome and support for TiranaFest from the main stage.

The local Church acknowledged the event as the first of its kind since the Albanian government closed all religious institutions and declared Albania a "purely atheistic state."

TiranaFest - a late addition to the Palau team’s 2012 calendar - defied expectations as publicity swept throughout the city. Even the nation’s top three TV networks carried the story throughout the duration of the festival.

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Tirana’s faith community also facilitated a Season of Service in the months prior to the festival, and Luis hosted a number of preliminary events for women and civic and business leaders in the days leading up to the main event.

“Since 1985, I have loved Albania, I have read about Albania, and I always dreamt that someone would invite me,” Luis said of this unprecedented opportunity. "Your prayers truly made a difference."

Thousands of people made public decisions for Jesus Christ. Luis Palau and his team are working with local churches to help facilitate a clear follow up process with new believers.

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