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10 June 2013

Updates from Naples, Italy

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After months of preparation and prayer, FestiNapoli proves to be a monumental campaign for the local evangelical community!

Day Two:

By Jay Fordice

Naples, Italy - Thank you for your prayers for FestiNapoli. The Good News went out with power on the festival's closing night, not only here in Naples, but throughout the entire Latin world.

Thanks to our friends at Enlace, the closing night of FestiNapoli spread to more than 40 nations in both Italian and Spanish through a live broadcast on the Enlace television network. Looking out across the crowd, it was hard to wrap one's mind around the full impact of this event.

Only God knows how great the reach was this evening. As Luis asked tonight's attendees to follow Christ, even more people joined the many who gave their hearts to the Lord on the festival's opening night. The local evangelical community is so excited! They knew this festival was going to be difficult, but this campaign represented a major milestone for the region's evangelical believers.

The live broadcast kicked off a month-long evangelistic television campaign. This rare opportunity will include strategic evangelistic programming and will conclude with Luis' festival in Barquisimeto, Venezuela on July 6.

Day One:

By Jay Fordice

Naples, Italy– We just concluded the first night of FestiNapoli and are praising the Lord for his guidance and provision.

Given the small size of the active evangelical population and the vast expanse of the metro area, we knew the festival was going to be tough. Yet the Lord provided and brought many from throughout the region to hear the Good News and and many people indicated a commitment to Christ.

This is the first time in many, many years that the evangelical community has even received government approval for an outdoor evangelistic event like this. God is doing something wonderful here in Naples, and we have the privilege to play a unique role.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Tomorrow kicks off the month-long evangelistic television campaign. Millions of people throughout the Latin world (including more than 40 nations) will be able to watch a live feed of the festival in Naples via Enlace Television. Millions more will have access via online streaming on our Spanish website ( The month-long campaign will include strategic evangelistic programming and will conclude with Luis' festival in Barquisimeto, Venezuela (July 6).

Please continue to pray. The local believers have put so much into this festival. This is big for them, big for Italy, big for Europe, and big for the Kingdom.

Thursday: Luis and the team spent Thursday at a press conference to promote the festival. Several media outlets attended, and one of the top newspapers in Naples ran a story about the festival. In the evening, Luis met with pastors and families in Pozzuoli, a small town outside of the city. He encouraged them to continue working to proclaim the Gospel. As the festival draws near, pray that the Evangelical Christians in the area continue to invite friends and family, and that many people decide to attend!

Wednesday: Luis and the team spent Wednesday on the ground in Italy. The day included a meeting with the mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, and a first glimpse at the festival site. The festival will take place on the main waterfront, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Surrounding the festival location are numerous restaurants, beaches, apartments, and businesses – there is sure to be a crowd this Friday and Saturday! Pray for Luis and the team this week as they meet with local evangelical leaders, and continue to pray for the festival this weekend – for good weather, for last minute details to come together, and for many people to hear the Good News!

About FestiNapoli: Naples, a city rich with historical symbolism and a vibrant cultural background, is best known as the gateway to Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius. Four million people reside in the city, making it one of the largest metropolitan areas in Italy. Yet, the evangelical community comprises only 1% of the overall population.

Despite their small numbers, the unity among the local churches and believers is strong and their desire to bring the Good News to the city is evident – for the first time in history, local churches in Naples have been granted permission from city officials to host a public, outdoor evangelistic festival in the heart of the city (June 14-15).

Luis will share the Good News both nights of the festival, as well as at a handful of strategic gatherings throughout the week. Luis and the team have also been asked to help lead the way through training local believers and leading the follow-up strategy.

The initiative is backed by Cristo Ministry, more than 100 churches, and a number of influential businesses. In addition, the University of Naples Federico II, where hundreds of thousands of Italy's young people study, has pledged its support.

The festival represents the launch of a month-long evangelistic television campaign to the entire Latin world. The festival will be broadcast to more than 24 nations in both Spanish and Italian through our partner, Enlace Television. Evangelistic television broadcasts will run throughout the entire month, with the campaign concluding in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, on July 6.

This festival in Naples is the first of its kind in recent history. Local believers are excited, and church unity is strong. Please keep the festival and broadcast campaign in your prayers this week.

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