These are all good questions! People travel the world, they read, they study, they start and stop relationships, they dabble in various religions ... they do all kinds of things in desperate search for answers.

But no one finds true answers or lasting peace until they receive Jesus Christ. It is in Him alone that we discover our exact identity and unique purpose in life.

Jesus Christ answers our questions of self-identity. Because we are made in His image, when we come know our Maker, we experience inner peace.

But once you experience that deep peace, it's easy to then become anxious about practical life issues. You wonder why you feel laden with guilt. You ask if sexual purity is even possible. You worry about your marriage. And you dread death and have questions about heaven.

It is good to ask the tough questions that plague you. And I want to guide you in finding the answers.

The good news is that knowing Jesus Christ is pertinent to every life question. He wants you to know the immediate forgiveness, cleansing, freedom, peace, and direction that He provides. And together, we will unearth the answers to the questions that trouble you.