Stephanie Wieber's journey of loving and serving her city—Portland, Oregon— began through school partnerships. In her own words . . . 

"As much as the idea of being involved in the community at your kids' school sounds lovely, it can be scary. There is much that is out of your control. I didn't know any believers in my kids' school, but God assured me, 'I am here in this place.' 

Once God helped me to see this reality, I began the adventure of joining in the stories He was already writing. I now lead a moms' prayer group, have been able to pray with teachers and the principal. I'm seeing young students want to learn about Jesus. I could not have imagined these things when I first entered my kids' school."

While Stephanie was blazing trail for community partnerships in her own neighborhood, she met Kevin Palau who shares the same passion. Now Stephanie leads the City Gospel Movements team at the Palau Association which celebrates and accelerates collaborative gospel work in cities everywhere.