God is moving in cities. Churches are uniting. Cities are being transformed by the Gospel.

We call these City Gospel Movements—united, holistic, sustainable efforts by the Church to seek the peace and prosperity of their city (Jeremiah 29:7).

After a decade of helping lead gospel movements all around the United States, including our hometown of Portland, Oregon, we felt called by God to share our experience with many more leaders around the world – celebrating, accelerating, and inspiring others to share the Good News in their own cities. As a result, in the spring of 2017, the new City Gospel Movements team at Palau was launched.

Our vision as the City Gospel Movements team is to see thriving gospel movements in every city. Our unique passion is to inspire leaders to keep evangelism as a central focus in their gospel movement. We celebrate the unified church working for city transformation through collaborative partnerships and believe true transformation happens through loving your city in word and deed.

We partner with national and international leaders to create resources and opportunities for city leaders to collaborate and learn from one another. And your partnership is helping in the process.

Learn more about City Gospel Movements and explore the many resources we have made available to city leaders by clicking the button below.