Our greatest contribution as a team is made when we bring all of our strengths and experiences into a city for a festival campaign. These efforts — led by Luis and Andrew Palau — include NGA partner evangelists; radio, television, and print media; City Gospel Movement efforts; and evangelism training.


Unprecedented unity in the local body of Christ. Collaboration among civic, church, and corporate leaders. Thousands of Christians mobilized to serve the city. Gospel proclamation accomplished on a grand scale. Bridges built among denominational, ethnic, and social groups. A long-term, sustainable commitment to serving the community and sharing the Gospel.

THE LOVE OF JESUS SATURATING YOUR CITY. You care about your city. You want to see the Good News proclaimed and lived out to every individual. And you're working hard to make that happen every day. We want to join with you to cast an even bigger vision for long-term unity and collaboration in the body of Christ . . . serving the city and sharing the clear message of Jesus Christ on a grand scale.