One evangelist can reach only so far. One organization can do only so much. By working together, we multiply our efforts for the expansion of the Gospel. This is the vision of our Global Network of Evangelists.

Dedicating the next several years to accelerate evangelism worldwide, the Palau Association is working to build networks of evangelists in 150 countries. These networks are being developed through strong, trusted relationships with evangelists and Christian organizations around the globe, with a vision to connect and encourage evangelists as never before to win more people to Christ.

Through mentoring and equipping, collaborative outreach events, and training and conferences, members are provided with the help they need to impact their world for Christ. And over the next several years, our plan is to extend this offering to thousands more evangelists from around the world, forming the first ever global network, spread across 150+ countries.

The North American Expression of GNE, Next Generation Alliance (NGA), continues to grow and stand by its identity to affirm, equip, and mobilize an international fellowship of evangelists. Under the motto “One Message, Many Expressions,” NGA members use many means and methods to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and find resources and collaboration through NGA.