Over the past 40 years, God has used the Palau Association to bless the nation of Argentina in powerful ways. From the historic festival in the capital city of Buenos Aires in 2008 to similar festivals and outreaches in nearly every province and major city of the nation, millions of individuals have heard the Good News presented by Luis and Andrew. In an ongoing effort to reach more people with the Gospel, Andrew Palau has been invited to partner with the churches of La Matanza (pop. 2 million) and Malvinas Argentinas (pop. 320,000) for two festivals in the fall of 2017 (November 12-19).

Building upon the wonderful partnerships already established in the region, as well as the favor we have received from top government officials, we are confident God will use these two festivals to reach many people with the Gospel.

The week of outreach in these two cities will include:
• Two-day citywide festival in La Matanza
• One-day festival in Malvinas Argentinas
• Evangelistic gatherings with business and civic leaders in both cities
• In-depth training for thousands of believers
• Evangelistic tea for women
• Training conference for pastors, church leaders, and evangelists
• Prison outreach
• Health fair for individuals in need
• Youth festival
• Church speaking events

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November 18: Final Night of the Festival

The last night of the festival in La Matanza was spectacular. Attendance was estimated at 25,000 for the night with nearly 1,000 public confessions of faith in Jesus. That’s added to more than 1,550 confessions of faith throughout the rest of the week!

As you mostly likely heard, Andrew was able to “double down” on Saturday as he was invited to share the Gospel at another event in a different part of the city known as Malvinas Argentinas. It made for a hectic day, running from one festival to the other and nearly not making it in time to the final event, but adding that to the children’s festival and medical fair on the same day proved to make it a truly fruitful Saturday of outreach.

In total (final numbers to come) more than 47,500 people were reached during the week of outreach and more than 2,550 people made public confessions of faith in Jesus during this week-long campaign. 

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November 17: First Night of the Festival

We just returned from the first night of the festival in La Matanza. What a great night!  Attendance and decision numbers are still coming in, but we were all very encouraged and the local pastors were ecstatic.  There was such a great spirit in the crowd and an amazing response to the Gospel.

Earlier in the day Andrew had the chance to meet with the Mayor of La Matanza, Veronica Magario. She was very welcoming and encouraging.  Andrew was able to share the clear Gospel with her and pray for her and her staff. Also in the meeting were a few key pastors from the area. They we’re overjoyed by the meeting. The fact that Andrew could be a representative for the churches, reminding the mayor that they are here to bless the city and bring hope to individuals, was a great step forward for the churches of La Matanza.


Andrew Palau with mayor of La Matanza:

Andrew with Mayor of La Matanza.

Andrew with Mayor of La Matanza.


November 16: Outreach for Business and Civic Leaders

Today was focused on the business and civic leaders of La Matanza. Working closely with believers throughout the region, we held a special dinner outreach event in the heart of the city.  With more than 170 leaders from throughout the region gathered for the event, Andrew shared the clear Gospel message while several of the musical acts from the festival shared songs and testimonies. It was a very special night for the group. Many of the believers shared that they had never had an opportunity quite like this in which they could invite their non-Christian to hear a clear Gospel presentation.  In the end, more than 30 of the guests indicated they had made a confession of faith in Jesus as a result of the evening. 

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November 15: Update from Ezeiza Prison

Another great day of ministry in Argentina. This morning we visited Ezeiza Prison.  Ezeiza is a massive, maximum security prison with more than 1,800 inmates. Although our original request to hold an outreach event in the prison was denied (more likely ignored), with much prayer and negotiating we were able to gain access to a small group of prisoners for a short time of encouragement, prayer, and Bible study. Andrew shared from Hebrews 9:14 and John 8 - specifically focusing on the freedom and belonging we gain when we accept Christ and join His family. We also had the opportunity to meet with a handful of prisoners who have already given their life to Christ and now act as "pastors" among the rest of the group. It was a fruitful time of encouragement and prayer.

In the evening, we joined hundreds of believers at Aliento de Vida Church in La Matanza for a night of worship, prayer, and encouragement. With our attention on the many committee members, volunteers, and Christian leaders in the audience, both Andrew and Wendy thanked them for their service, encouraged them in their work, reminded them of the importance of evangelism, and prayed with them - that God would use this festival in their city to reach their friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. 

Below is a quick video update from Andrew immediately after our time in the prison.

November 14: Tuesday Report from Argentina

It was a full day of outreach for Andrew and Wendy in Argentina. Their day started with a morning gathering at ACIERA (Christian Alliance for Evangelical Churches in Argentina). This meeting with top denominational and church leaders from throughout the city and nation also included the major of Buenos Aires.

The day ended with a beautiful dinner for women in La Matanza.  They originally expected 350 women for this gathering but were blown away when more than 600 showed up.  In the end, 186 of these women indicated a decision to follow Jesus as a result of the messages from Andrew and Wendy.

busn breakfast malvinas4.jpg

Andrew with mayor of Buenos Aires:


November 13: First Day of Outreach

Andrew and Wendy hit the ground running as they arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, preparing for a massive week of outreach throughout the region. Monday morning began with a breakfast for business and civic leaders in the city of Malvinas Argentinas where Andrew shared the clear Gospel.

The breakfast was followed by an interview for local radio as well as a strategic conference for partner evangelists., complete with plenary speakers, break-out sessions, and messages from Andrew and Wendy.

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busn breakfast malvinas3.jpg
busn breakfast malvinas.jpg

Andrew and Wendy Palau are on their way to Argentina for 2 evangelistic festivals. Please pray!

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