-----May 2, 2019-----

Update from Andrew Palau:

Dad had a full body scan last week and met with his oncologist. The reports were encouraging. No new growth in the tumors. All seems stable. Responding well to new chemotherapy treatment.

Doctors did recommend a procedure to help with the ongoing issue of fluid in the lungs. That procedure was done late last week with no complications and Dad is already feeling a great relief. Energy level is still low but Dad’s spirits are high and he continues to preach, record radio, and do select interviews as he is able.

Thank you for the ongoing prayers and encouragement! Dad loves all the notes and emails. Keep them coming!

-----March 18, 2019-----

Update from Kevin Palau:

Dad just had his regular check-up with his oncologist, including new scans and blood work. The report was encouraging. No new growth in the tumors. Blood cell count normal. Right lung freed from fluid. All tests ranging from good to acceptable. The doctor was pleased and feels as though the new chemotherapy treatment is having positive effect. The only negative – increased fluid in the left lung. A specific prayer request. They’re not sure the reason for that specific anomaly.

Overall, Dad and Mom are in good spirits and trusting the Lord in the process. Dad continues to preaching and do interviews when he can.

Thanks for your continued prayers.

-----January 11, 2019-----

Update from Kevin Palau:

It’s been a few months since we’ve given you an update on Dad. Thank you for your continued prayers. He just went in this week for new blood work and scans to check on progress.

Sadly, the news was not what we had hoped. Although his blood work continues to look great, the doctors confirmed the tumor has begun to grow once again. This comes after several months of very positive response to the immunotherapy treatments.

As a results, the doctors are switching to a new treatment plan and we’ll monitor progress closely.

Dad is still in great spirits and is quite active. In fact, he’s headed down to Sacramento, California this weekend to speak at a wonderful church there. He’s also just come off a busy week with our team, discussing plans for our entire year of outreach including festivals in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire; Madrid, Spain; Swansea, Wales; Tyler, Texas; and Cape Town, South Africa. My brother Andrew will be the lead evangelist for each of these campaigns, although Dad is still hoping and praying he will be healthy enough to take part in the Madrid Festival in June.

Also included in plans for ministry this year is the release of Dad’s most recent book - Palau: A Life on Fire (Zondervan, June 2019). We’re also eagerly anticipating the release of a major motion picture on Dad’s life. You can read more about it and watch the trailer at www.palauthemovie.com. It’s set to hit theaters throughout the United States and Latin America on April 6.

Please keep praying. We continue to trust the Lord for Dad’s well-being and thank God daily for the time we have with him.

-----November 13, 2018-----

Update from Luis Palau:

Hello family & friends! Just a quick update on my health.  From me this time.  I know you’ve been praying.

My oncologist got back to me yesterday with a rush observation of the most recent tests.  Praise be to the Lord, this is what she said: “All is stable.”

“Is that positive?”  I asked.  “VERY positive!” she said.

She didn’t have a full response to one of the scans but said she would call if there was any concern.  It’s now been over 24 hours and I haven’t received a call.  I’m taking that as another “VERY positive!”

Several of you getting this quick report are going through personal physically painful times yourself.  Others of you are going through serious troubles and stresses with close family and friends.  I want you to know that I am… in turn… blessedly engaged in intercessory prayers for friends like you.  I’m asking our Heavenly Father for insightful and spiritually intelligent guidance in prayer.

I’m so thankful for each of you, and for your faithful, loving, and encouraging prayers for me over the past 11 months.  And the Lord is answering your prayers!

You'll be happy to hear I truly am feeling better.  Still certain aches and pains.  A few minor concerns.  And the cancer is indeed still there.  But “VERY positive” was the report.  I take her at her word. 

I’m also taking on a few strategic ministry opportunities in this new season.  This weekend, in fact, I preached twice at a church here in Portland.  Next weekend I’ll be speaking at a very large, active, soul-winning Latino church in Southern California.

Also this coming weekend, our son Andrew will be preaching at a major festival in Argentina...in the capital city of Buenos Aires.  Please join me in praying for him and the campaign.  May many come to know Christ this weekend... and enjoy the assurance of eternal life in Him.  There truly is nothing better.

A big embrace in Jesus our blessed Savior and Lord,

Luis Palau 

“Praise the Lord, o my soul, and all that is within me, praise his holy name.  Praise the Lord, o my soul, and forget not all his benefits” (Psalm 103:1-2).
We owe Him so much!

-----September 14, 2018-----

Update from Kevin Palau:

Just a quick update on Dad. It was so great to have him with us in Grand Rapids for the festival this past weekend. He did an awesome job preaching at several events including the Latino festival on Friday night and a breakfast for women on Friday morning. He also spoke to the NGA group that was there, did a bunch of media interviews, and shared from main stage on Saturday.

Dad’s preaching was just as powerful as ever. And can you believe that was his first time traveling out of state since last November?! I know he loved it and we loved having him.
As soon as Dad returned from Grand Rapids he went in for his regular scans and blood work. He met with his medical team on Wednesday to talk through the results. It was an encouraging meeting.
Here are the quick notes:

  • The cancer is still there but there are some very positive signs of progress.

  • We are still seeing good results from the immunotherapy so the doctors confirmed we will continue with the same treatment plan.

  • Side effects from the treatment are still present and frustrating but the doctors are not overly concerned.

It’s still a long road ahead but they feel confident this continues to be the right course of action. So we continue to pray and trust the Lord. And Dad continues with treatment every other week.

As always, thank you for your prayers. I know Dad and Mom greatly appreciate it.
Please continue to pray for Mom as she is recovering from her bout with pneumonia. She has good days and bad days, but she is on the mend and she is strong.

-----August 30, 2018-----

Update from Kevin Palau:

I wanted to give you a quick update on my mom, Pat Palau.
As you’ve heard, she was diagnosed with pneumonia last week and spent a few days in the hospital. She was able to return home on Tuesday and is on the mend. The doctors say it will be a long haul – six weeks minimum of rest and healing. But she is at peace and so appreciates your prayers.

Thank you for caring so much for our family. We appreciate your prayers and concern. 

As you pray, please also join us in praying for our next festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan, this coming week. My brother Andrew heads out tomorrow for a full week of ministry. The rest of us leave early next week. The big festival – right in the heart of Grand Rapids – is on September 8-9. It should be great!


-----August 27, 2018-----

Update from Kevin Palau:

As you may know, Mom traveled to Bogotá, Colombia two weeks ago to take part in the Bogotá Festival and greet the crowd on Dad’s behalf. Sadly, while in Colombia Mom seemed to be fighting a cold and returned home very ill. Late last week she was admitted to the hospital and it was confirmed that she had come down with pneumonia.
Mom has wonderful doctors who are taking great care of her. The plan is for her to return home in the next few days. In the meantime, Mom and Dad would love your prayers. Please ask the Lord for His protection, peace, and for a quick recovery.

As you pray, you can also praise the Lord with us. Dad continues to respond well to his immunotherapy treatment. Although side effects continue to be a nuisance, his test results continue to come back with positive results.


-----July 23, 2018-----

Update from Kevin Palau:

Dad just completed 8 weeks of immunotherapy treatment. He went in for scans last week to check progress and met with his medical team on Friday. We're very encouraged by the results that were shared. Here's a quick update.

His vitals are great, as they have been from the beginning. The fluid on his lungs is significantly reduced (a very good sign). Blood pressure and oxygen levels are good and unchanged. The tumors are still present, but there has been no new growth since the last scan, which is great. Also, the areas around the tumors seem to be clearing up and there has been no spreading to other parts of the body.

Side effects are still bothersome and serious at times. The doctors are helping to deal with those as they come. They will make small adjustments in the treatment, specifically as it relates to frequency (from every 15 days to every 30). This should help with side effects.

The final parting word from Dr. Duffy – “This is very good news and reassuring progress.”

Thank you for your continued prayers. We serve a good God!


-----May 24, 2018-----

Update from Kevin Palau:

Dad just completed his second round of chemotherapy treatment. He went in for scans yesterday and met with his medical team today to learn the results and plan for next steps.

Although it was very minor, the scans showed a slight increase in the cancer since the last scan. This confirmed to the doctors that the chemotherapy treatment had accomplished all it could and it was time to shift into the next phase of treatment. The doctors recommended, and Dad and Mom agreed, that it was time to begin immunotherapy treatment which will take place over the next 8 weeks (4 immunotherapy treatments, once every two weeks). Once these 8 weeks are done, Dad will once again go in for scans and the doctors will assess progress.

The medical team remains encouraged and Dad and Mom remain at peace. They are embracing this next phase of treatment with complete trust in the Lord and appreciate your ongoing prayers.


-----March 28, 2018-----

Update from Kevin Palau:

We had a very encouraging meeting with the doctors this morning regarding Dad’s chemotherapy treatment. We wanted to share it with you as soon as we could. After two months of therapy for Stage 4 lung cancer, the doctors were amazed at the results from the recent CT scan and blood work....

All tumors had shrunk by one-third! 
No new growth of the tumors whatsoever.
All fluid around the lungs was resolved.
Blood work looked good.
All tested levels looked normal.

PRAISE THE LORD! The medical team reiterated that this chemotherapy treatment was only expected to slow the growth of the tumors. They never expected the treatment to actually reverse the growth. Everyone is very encouraged and praising the Lord for the wonderful news.
Because of the great results, the doctors feel confident another round of this same therapy is the right step forward. So begins another two months of chemotherapy and then tests once again.
Praise the Lord with us! He is good! He is faithful. And His healing power is working in Dad’s body.
Please pray for this next round of chemotherapy treatment. Although results have been encouraging... amazing really... it’s not easy on Dad’s body. Pray for continued strength and peace.
It is still a battle. The outcome is still unknown. We take it one day at a time, trusting the Lord. But today we are very encouraged!


-----March 13, 2018-----

Update from Kevin Palau:

Dad's last chemotherapy treatment is tomorrow. He has handled it relatively well with minimal side effects. He will get new scans after this round is complete to see if the chemotherapy has had an effect on the cancer. We will decide from there whether we continue with chemotherapy or go a different route. We are continually blessed by your prayers and words of encouragement. So many have reached out with testimonies of Dad's impact on their life and how God has used the team to bless them. Those stories truly keep Dad and Mom going in wonderful and spectacular ways, so please don't stop.


-----February 15,2018-----

Update from Kevin Palau:

Luis started chemotherapy treatment on January 31. He has finished 3 treatments and is feeling good. His body seems to be responding well to the chemotherapy and he is at peace.

By the grace of God, Luis has been able to continue to be involved in key ministry opportunities from his home as well as here at the office in Portland.  He has recorded several video messages for key groups around the world – places where he was scheduled to be in person. He also had the strength to take part in a full day of filming for the Palau movie that is in the works. There is a short portion of the movie where Luis is the narrator and his image is used. The production team traveled to Portland earlier this month and turned Luis’ office at our headquarters into a movie set. It was a fun day for Luis and the team.

Please continue to pray for the chemotherapy treatments. They happen weekly. Pray that the medicine will do it’s job and that Luis will continue to have strength and peace in the midst.

-----January 25,2018-----

Update from Kevin Palau:

It has been so encouraging to see hundreds of thousands of people praying for Dad and reaching out in various ways. Almost 2 million people watched the short video (see below) we shared in English and Spanish. We thank God for you all!

Andrew, Keith, Steve, and I wanted to get an update out to you now that Mom and Dad have returned from receiving a second opinion from a top lung cancer specialist here in Portland. We’re encouraged to have a very clear diagnosis and treatment plan, and to have found a doctor whom Dad and Mom are very comfortable with. We’re trusting God to guide every step of the way.

This second oncologist confirmed the original diagnosis: Stage 4B lung cancer. Further tests and scans conducted last week revealed that the cancer has spread to lymph nodes in various places as well as Dad’s lower spine. The cancer Dad has is the most common type of lung cancer and it’s not one that can be treated by some of the newer, more targeted treatments. The plan will be for a regular regimen of chemo for the next two months to see if that can slow it down. At that point immunotherapy could be an additional option.

Dad and Mom remain absolutely at peace in the Lord and the hope is that this treatment would allow at least a year for Dad to keep being the amazing blessing that he is to all of us. His big dream, and one that now seems very much in reach, is to be able to go with Andrew to both Bogotá, Colombia in August and Grand Rapids, Michigan in September to preach the Good News.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

Kevin, for all the Palaus


-----January 18, 2018-----

We need to share some important news with you. It’s not good.

When Pat and I returned home from a ministry trip to the UK in November, I was fighting some sort of sickness. It seemed like a bad cold. Possibly pneumonia.

Over the Christmas break, the doctors ran some tests. Sadly, it indicated cancer. 

Just this week it was clearly confirmed. Stage 4 lung cancer.
As you can imagine, this isn’t news we were expecting or hoping for. Yet our trust in the Lord remains rock solid.
We’re still praying over the right treatment plan. The doctors have a few more tests to run as well. The family has sought all the necessary and prudent medical advice and I trust we have a full and complete understanding of the situation to make the wisest, most God-honoring decisions. And of course, we have faith and trust in God. We’re in His hands. And we still have ministry to do.
As of right now, I feel fine. I’m full of energy (praise God) and committed as ever to sharing the Good News. Yet Pat and I know the next several months will be trying. We ask for your prayers.
I’ve seldom been sick in my life. A handful of colds. A few cases of the flu. The only time I was hospitalized was in my 50s when I broke my leg. But that was stupidity, not illness. So as you can imagine, this surprised us all. Pat and I and the entire family are still processing.
I’ll keep doing what I’m doing for as long as I’m able. And frankly, I’m praying the Lord gives me many more years of fruitful ministry.  
But of course, with a diagnosis like stage 4 cancer, it’s not business as usual. We must consider the very real implications and possible outcomes. This will definitely impact my travel and preaching schedule as I begin treatment. After that, only the Lord knows.
As we seek the best medical advice and counsel, we're also trusting the Lord and praying for complete healing. I would ask you to join us in that prayer. We’ll be sure to keep you updated. 
In many ways, I feel the Lord has much more in store for me. Yet whatever tomorrow holds – I’m completely at peace. Both Patricia and I are. As we look back, we praise the Lord. Fifty-seven years of marriage. How many places we’ve been. How many people we’ve reached with the Gospel.
I hold strong to verses like Isaiah 41:10: 

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

One reason I’m at peace is because I know the ministry is in great hands. No matter what the future holds, whether God chooses to heal me completely or take me home to glory – I know the work of the Palau Association will continue on for generations to come.
I praise God that in His wisdom we began preparing for this inevitable reality more than 10 years ago as our sons, Kevin, Andrew, and Keith began to take on greater roles within the team.  
As far as day-to-day operations, I haven’t been intensely involved in years. Our son Kevin has led that charge, and God is blessing his leadership in ways I never would have imagined. Kevin has proven himself as a true, natural, winsome leader filled with the blessed Holy Spirit.
In the same way, Andrew stepped up as a proclamation evangelist more than 10 years ago. He is truly anointed. Today, he actually reaches more people than I do through his own campaigns – in Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and even right here in the United States. He plays a key role in my campaigns as well – helping carry the burden of preaching at many of the outreach events.
And Keith has been a huge blessing in his role with the Development Team, keeping us closely connected to so many great friends around the nation.
I plan to continue to do my part as I go through treatment and work toward healing. I’ll preach when I can. I have writing to do, as well as radio. I also have a heart to reach young people through social media. And keep training those 45,000 pastors through the Luis Palau Bible Institute.
So in many ways, not much will change with this news. For me personally, yes. But for the team, absolutely not. We’ll continue to reach out, to train other evangelists, and to inspire cities to lift up Jesus.  
And as long as I have breath (I’m praying that will be many more years) I will preach. I will raise high the banner of biblical evangelism. I will do my part. And I’m praying you continue to do yours as well.
If ever there has been a time when we have needed our friends to stand with us, it’s now. We need your prayers. We need your support. We need your financial partnership.  
We all have but one life. And of course, we never know when it will end. I pray that we all make the most of it – as long as it is called day. Because soon enough, night will come, when no one can do the work (John 9:4).
Thank you for praying and trusting the Lord with us. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as things progress and we learn more.
Please pray for Pat and me personally. These are uncertain times. But we are holding fast to Jesus and His peace, and trusting the Lord.
Pray as well for Kevin, Andrew, and Keith as they continue to lead the team well. This will be a big year of ministry. Many big plans underway. God has so much in store – and there are still so many who need to hear the Good News. My new reality will require Andrew to take on more of the direct ministry. But that’s good. He’s gifted. He will carry the Good News with strength.
We can’t slow down. We can’t let the enemy get a foothold. Let’s be steadfast in our resolve. Let’s not waver. But instead, let’s press ahead with all the more urgency and tenacity.  
Pat and I would love to hear from you. Any word from the Lord – any Scripture or encouragement you could give. It would be a true blessing. You can email me at luis.palau@palau.org. We may not be able to respond right away, but we’ll do our best.
Thank you for praying!
For His glory,


Luis Palau
Isaiah 41:10