A greeting from Luis Palau

I didn’t think I’d be around to write you this letter.  Clearly, God still has plans for me.

I know He has plans for you as well.

For Pat and me, this has been a year unlike any other.  Frankly, if you had asked me early in the year what I’d be doing right now, I would have told you I’d be celebrating with the Lord in heaven.  But clearly He has different plans.

Diagnosed with lung cancer in January, I was told I’d be gone by Christmas.  Probably sooner.  “Get your life in order,” the doctor said.  It was a sobering reality. Yet here I am, quite well actually, and writing to you about plans for the months ahead!  It’s a testimony of God’s goodness.  I believe it’s also a challenge . . .

The Lord still has plans for me. He definitely has plans for you. And I know He has plans for the team.

Right now, with an exciting ministry schedule and a powerful matching challenge in front of us, I’m excited to see how the Lord leads. He is good and I know He’s not done with you or the ministry.

Whether the Lord gives me a few months or a few years . . . I have no regrets.  Evangelism has been my life. And there’s nothing I want more for you than to have the same deep satisfaction in knowing you are obeying the Lord and investing in eternity.

The Lord is uniquely blessing this ministry.  We’re already looking to what’s ahead.

We have multiple campaigns set for the months ahead.  Initiatives in the Ivory Coast, China, the UK, Latin America, South Africa, several cities in the United States.  The opportunities seem endless.

Right now our hearts are turned toward Madrid, Spain.  The Lord has used our team in a unique way in Spain over the last 15 years.  And now the local leaders are asking us to return for a major evangelistic festival in the capital city.

Our last major festival in Spain was 13 years ago.  It was an historic campaign.  Great impact.  The local leaders tell us that the number of churches that have been formed in the wake of that festival are in the hundreds.  Astounding statistics.  Spain is such a sad and lonely country.  But it’s clear God is doing something new.  And He’s using our team.

The festival is set for June.  But the work has already started.  Team members have already begun working with local leaders.  We are training the believers, setting the festival season in motion, and getting the word out and setting expectations.

Spain deserves our very best.  Madrid carries significant influence throughout the whole nation.  If Madrid can see revival . . . and Spain . . . that will have serious implications for our world.  For future generations.  That’s the legacy I want to leave.  A legacy of hope, peace, joy, forgiveness, new life!

So I ask with boldness during this Christmas season . . . can you help?

Your giving to evangelism has a deep, eternal, multiplying effect.  I pray you know that.  And I’m excited to tell you we have a matching challenge you can take advantage of before the end of the year.

Every gift given between now and December 31 – up to $250,000 – will help meet a dollar-for-dollar matching challenge!

That means that your partnership right now – before December 31 – will be used to double our impact and multiple your reach.  Whether you give to this exciting effort in Madrid, Spain, or to the many other evangelistic endeavors we have planned in the months ahead all around the world, your gift will have a significant impact.

Together, let’s be faithful to share Jesus with a turbulent world.  The doors are wide open, and I’m committed to step through them to share Jesus with as many people as possible for as long as I am able.  And when I’m gone, whenever that is, I am confident Kevin and Andrew will continue to carry this torch.  There truly is nothing more important . . . or wise . . . or eternal.

God bless you this Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  May you finish 2018 strong – filled with the hope of Jesus Christ.  And may you know deep down how much you are appreciated and how vital your partnership is in this kingdom work.

 Love you in Christ,