The team is gearing up for a festival in Jose C. Paz, Argentina – a suburb of the capital city – for a festival on November 12-18.

When Luis began preaching the Good News as a teenager on the streets of his hometown in Argentina, he faced consistent opposition. Only in his wildest dreams did he imagine his home country would turn to be so receptive to the Gospel. While Argentina has always been a focus of Luis and the team, the momentum seems to only be increasing as new doors continue to open for our team to share the Good News.

The evangelistic campaign will unite believers in Jose C. Paz in an unprecedented way, encouraging and equipping them as they engage their communities through a large evangelistic festival and regional outreach. Through our unique partnerships among churches, as well as corporate and civic leaders, the Jose C. Paz Festival with Andrew Palau will include:

  • Strategic two-day evangelistic festival reaching tens of thousands of people in Jose C. Paz, as well as numerous NGA partner festivals.

  • Evangelism and discipleship training for thousands of believers.

  • Partnership with church, corporate, and civic leaders.

  • Outreach events specifically for women, business leaders, students, and prisoners.

  • Ongoing commitment to outreach and community service.

Building upon the wonderful partnerships already established in the region, as well as the favor we have received from top government officials, we are confident God will use this festivals to reach many people with the Gospel.