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Praise the Lord for all He did in Argentina this past weekend. More than 50,000 people were reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Lord moved in powerful ways through this latest evangelistic campaign.

More than 19,000 people flooded the square in Jose C. Paz, Argentina for the 2-day culminating festival. The Good News was clearly shared multiple times throughout the festival days and hundreds of people responded to the Gospel invitation, turning their hearts to Jesus Christ. In total, more than 1,400 people made public confessions of faith as a result of the entire campaign!  Praise Jesus! 

This campaign was far more than 2-days of festival outreach.  Additionally, there multiple out outreaches for all sectors of society in the week leading up to the festival.


The Lord has uniquely positioned our team in Latin America. It's the place where we’ve always seen the greatest fruit of new believers.  Between the radio programs that continues day after day on thousands of stations, the Luis Palau Bible Institute that equips more than 50,000 pastors and leaders, and the festivals, we’re consistently pouring into Latin America – and we’re seeing the Church grow in country after country.

We’re more excited than ever about our work in Latin America – and specifically this festival in Jose C. Paz, a suburb of Buenos Aires. 


When Luis was first sharing the Gospel in the streets of my hometown in Argentina, there was consistent opposition. He never imagined it would be so receptive to the Gospel.  But it’s true! Years of prayer for Argentina – and Latin America – are bearing fruit.

Building upon the wonderful partnerships already established in the region, as well as the favor we have received from top government officials, we are confident God will use this festival to reach many people with the Gospel. The evangelistic campaign will unite believers in Jose C. Paz in an unprecedented way, encouraging and equipping them as they engage their communities through a large evangelistic festival and regional outreach.


This never gets old!  We don’t forget, it’s friends like you who make these festivals possible.

Sharing the Gospel is a community effort.  And you played a vital role. Through your prayers, giving, support, and encouragement, you helped make this harvest in Argentina possible.


Because of you, thousands of people have found new hope in Christ. Through this effort, they found peace, forgiveness, joy, and the assurance of salvation. 

Thank you for your partnership to share the Gospel with Argentina. It is our greatest joy to celebrate what God is doing!

Thank you for your prayers. We definitely felt them.