Working with, through, and for the local Church, the FestiMadrid campaign proclaimed the life-changing message of Jesus Christ on a nationwide scale and introduced a new model for long-term community change, June 21-23, 2019.

Our strategy built upon Andrew Palau’s most recent work in Europe and four committed decades from Luis and the team. God-willing, this campaign will continue to bring encouragement, unity, and hope to the people of Spain for years to come.

The region-wide effort brought together more than 200 churches and trained 3,700 local followers of Christ – all focused on a week-long campaign to saturate the city and surrounding region with the Gospel. Included in the effort were outreaches for business and civic leaders, and women.



The local leaders told us this festival was "a miracle for Madrid." And it was such a joy to have Dad with us—something few of us believed would ever be possible.

Sharing the Gospel is a community effort. And you played a vital role! Through your prayers, giving, support, and encouragement, you helped make this Madrid Festival possible.

Because of you, thousands of people have found new hope in Jesus Christ.Through this effort, they found peace, forgiveness, joy, and the assurance of salvation.

Thank you for your prayers and vital support for this campaign in Madrid. Your partnership helped reach hundreds of thousands of people with the Gospel.Your involvement has also opened doors for future outreaches in Europe. We’re praising God for the great harvest in Madrid this month, and we are joyfully expectant for the work He will continue to do through the unity, partnership, and excitement initiated by this campaign.


JUNE 23 |


JUNE 22 |

The first day of the festival is in the books and it was awesome!

The setting was perfect. It’s called Plaza del Callao. It’s like Times Square – just a little bit smaller. The hub of the city. Restaurants and shops all around. Constant foot traffic. Although approval for this added outreach only came in the last few days, the team was able to pull all the details together and accomplish a great event.

We could tell the majority of the people in the crowd were not believers. Most of them just happened upon the festival as they were in the city. But they stayed and listened and responded! (Numbers are still coming in.)

Day 2 of the festival is tonight. Location for the next two nights is Paseo de Camoens – a park on the western side of the city. It starts at 8 a.m. PST with another BMX demo. Main stage starts at 10 a.m. Both Andrew and Luis will speak again tonight and Enlace TV will be airing it LIVE.

The livesteam will begin as the main stage starts. Tune in here at 10 a.m. PST and join us in Madrid to see how God moves in this incredible city.

Keep praying!

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JUNE 21 |

It’s been a great week of outreach here in Madrid. Many have been reached with the Gospel. And now we're praying for much more of the same as we head into the festival this weekend.

This first night of outreach took place tonight right in the heart of the city. Much like our Times Square event in New York City in 2015. It was glorious!

The city is stirring with excitement. And we’re consistently reminded by leaders just how important this week is to them – how thrilled they are to share such joy and hope with their beloved city.

Thank you for your prayers. God is using your partnership to proclaim His Good News in Spain. He is using you to meet the tangible needs of the region and bring people into a right relationship with their Savior.


JUNE 20 |

Tonight’s business and civic dinner was awesome! The room was jammed. Standing room only.  More than 250 people in attendance and more than 60 decisions for Christ. Every single person was locked in on Luis’ message and so excited he was there.

Andrew, Kevin, and other key team members have also been meeting with evangelists and city leaders throughout the week. Many representatives from throughout Europe, all fired up for the Gospel and praying about similar campaigns in their own nations. It’s very exciting!

More reports to come. Thank for your prayers. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates on the festival.


JUNE 19 |

Luis arrived last night and is feeling good! Thanks for your prayers. Andrew and Wendy have been here since Saturday. A ton of great events have already taken place all over the city. 

Last night was the outreach dinner for women. 200 in attendance. 38 decisions for Christ!

Take 90 seconds and watch this quick update from Andrew and Wendy:


We’re praying for more of the same for the upcoming business and civic dinner. Luis will preach.

Also, we’re celebrating that we were given permission to add another night of outreach on Friday night. It will be right in the heart of the city – similar to what we did in Times Square, New York, in 2015. It's a big deal. An awesome last-minute addition. Of course, it’s added a bit of stress to the local team as they work the logistics of two different locations. But we’re trusting God it will be well worth it.

The plan is to LIVE STREAM all three nights of the festival. Check back to this page to watch.

The Spanish television station Enlace also plans to broadcast LIVE from the festival on Saturday night. Their television signal reaches into the entire Spanish-speaking world and will reach millions more with the message.

We’ll continue to keep you updated through the weekend. Thank you for praying! We’re here – and seeing a great harvest – because of friends like you who have partnered so boldly financially and through prayer.


June 18 |

As the team settles into Madrid for a full week, the beginning of the week included an exciting event bringing together Spanish NGA evangelists for a time of unity and encouragement. Additionally, the locals are enthusiastic about the festival and a bold publicity effort continues to spread the word throughout the city.


June 14 |

Andrew and Wendy Palau leaves for Madrid today for a full week of outreaches and the 2-day festival finale on June 22-23. Luis and more of the team will unite with him later in the week. Please surround the team in prayer!

The schedule for the festival week is packed:

  • Andrew and Luis will share at a gathering for business and civic leaders.

  • Wendy will lead an outreach for women.

  • Andrew will share a message of hope in the city's prisons.

  • There's also a gathering for pastors and leaders.

  • Another gathering for evangelists.

  • Then the final two nights of the festival. . . Luis will preach Saturday and Andrew will preach Sunday.