Hundreds of thousands of individuals in the United States and Latin America saw the inspiring cinematic re-telling of the early life of Luis Palau recently as Palau the Movie hit the big screen. The inspiring film honored the legacy of Luis Palau and the millions of people who have come to know the Lord through his ministry.

We’re hearing story after story of those who found peace, purpose, and calling as a result of the film. And we’re praising God for this opportunity to bring encouragement, hope, and salvation through the big screen.

This is what we live for! An opportunity to reach the masses with the Good News.

The final feature-length drama about Luis’ life is exciting. From age 10 when his father died . . . to age 33 when he had his first major evangelistic campaign.

And the Good News couldn’t be clearer. Luis even had the chance to speak to the audience directly at the end of the movie and lead them to a prayer of repentance.

The film was released in both English and Spanish and reached hundreds of thousands of individuals in 14 nations with many of the theaters added additional showings as tickets sold out.

Another blessing – all funds from this film are turning right back around and reach more people with the Gospel. Another example and detail of how God used this film to use this ministry to blanket the world with hope.

The movie clearly proclaimed the Good News, encouraged the Church, and expanded the reach of this ministry. We encourage you to see the film if you haven’t, and share it with your family and friends. It truly is a beautiful movie. A God-honoring story.