The Palau team traveled throughout the UK last week to unite with pastors and leaders who are passionate about pointing their communities to Jesus, and interested in beginning planning for future evangelistic festivals. Additionally, Andrew shared the Good News with many who had never heard the Gospel.

The team traveled to Edinburgh, London, Bristol, and Birmingham, encouraging and uniting hundreds of faith leaders, speaking to local media and in churches, and building relationships with local business and civic leaders.

Highlights of the trip include:

  • Joining more than 120 key national leaders in London as part of the core team of the UK-wide initiative for evangelists called Advance 2020 to hear the vision and strategy of the movement.

  • A powerful night of worship and prayer on a rooftop in London, where 150 people squeezed tightly to pray for the city.

  • The hostess planning meeting between Wendy Palau and Lady Susie Sainsbury, to begin planning the women’s outreach event in May 2019.

  • A meeting with leaders in Bristol to discuss the possibility of hosting a region-wide evangelistic festival in 2020. Leaders from the area who were able to attend the Grand Rapids, Michigan CityFest in September were able to share how they saw God move in the States.

  • Andrew joined with musicians Martin Smith and Daughters of Davis for a powerful night of worship and a message of hope. The Cities Tour was the perfect opportunity for believers to invite their friends who needed to hear the Good News. “It was amazing to see a historic Anglican building have so much vibrancy and enthusiasm,” UK Director Dave Plowman said. “Around 200 people attended and many made decisions for Jesus!”

God is placing a more intentional evangelism strategy on the collective hearts of the local churches. The conversations will be continued next year with the possibility of hosting a major evangelistic event in the area. The encouraging reality is that there are many doors of opportunity opening across the UK and Europe and. Doors are swinging wide open for the Gospel.
— Dave Plowman, UK Director